If You Use Firefox, You Need To Patch Right Now

A zero-day threat has surfaced on Firefox browser.  If a user lands on a compromised web page, the browser could fall prey to an attacker who could steal files on a Windows or Linux computer.

The fix is simple, which just required to update the browser.

To do so, open Firefox, click on Help>About (if you don’t see the Help selection in the menu field, right click on the grey area towards the top of the Firefox window, and click on Menu Bar).  Once you click About, a box will open that will show you the version of Firefox you’re have installed and a button to upgrade, if applicable.

Click on the Update button (if it’s there – if you’re up to date, the button won’t be available).  Once the update is complete, you’ll be asked to restart Firefox, and you’re done.

Patches should be run on Firefox (and other applications) at least monthly.