Welcome to the PCMDX Information Blog

The PCMDX Information Blog is designed to compliment our other sites, including our main web site PCMDX.net, our PCI Compliance site pci.pcmdx.net , our Facebook page Facebook.com/pcmdx and our forum, PCMDX Forum.

On the Information Blog, we’re going to bring you the latest things you need to know to keep your home or business PC or Apple computer running smoothly.  Most posts will be announced on the Facebook page, so make sure you “Like” the page so that you get the latest news when it happens.

PCMDX deals with both residential and small business customers, with our focus being on maintenance and security.  We believe that a well maintained computer or network will give the user trouble-free performance for years.  This includes making sure that the user has all security functions in place.

Thanks for visiting and for reading.  We welcome suggestions, so if you have any, please e-mail us at pcmdxal@gmail.com