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Do you have a number of computers in your home that you would like to have networked?  Or do you own a business that has simply outgrown your existing computer network?  Then call PC Medics of Alabama to arrange for a free consultation.  Our engineers will come to your place and give you an estimate on how to achieve your goal.

Web Design and Web Hosting

If your business finally needs an online presence, our expert staff of web designers will custom make your web site and PC Medics of Alabama will take care of all the details, including registering and hosting your new domain.  Some of our clients include:  Doyle Restoration, Vortex Management, Creative Video Productions , Bluff Park, Alabama , Baptist Builders for Christ, Quality Post Installers, Enviro Air Services, Inc., Over The Mountain Miracle League.  Click on any of the company names to visit their web sites.

PC Repair/Hardware and Software Issues

If you are having software or hardware issues, including upgrading your computer, call us today.  We will come out to your location and take care of your computer issues.  Do you need new hardware or software?  Go to our Ordering page and visit some of our vendors for some of the best online deals available.

Virus/Spy-Ware Removal

Is your PC not performing like it used to?  Do strange windows open at random times?  Does your home page keep changing without your knowledge?  Then your PC may be infected with a virus or with spy ware.  PC Medics of Alabama has a comprehensive set of tools to troubleshoot your PC and bring it back to normal.  Contact us today for a security check of your PC.

PCI Compliance

If you're merchant that accepts credit cards, you're required to be PCI Compliant.  PC Medics of Albama are PCI Compliance specialists that will handle all aspects of getting your business compliant.  Check out our PCI Compliance section for more information.



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